what if magic spell do not work after three weeks?


Questionswhat if magic spell do not work after three weeks?
Emma Lombardi asked 4 years ago
1 Answers
Akhtar Bhai Spiritual Healer answered 3 years ago
Magic Spell result time depends on the few given things.

  • What spell are you doing?
  • Should this spell work within three weeks?
  • Are you casting spells by yourself or asked a spell caster?

If you are casting a spell by yourself and the spell should work within three weeks. Then you must make mistake during spell casting. The solution for that is to start the spell again and this time cast the spell in a proper way. Similarly, if there is no specific time mention for the spell then you must wait a little bit more for results.

On the other hand, if you hired a spell caster for a spell then contact your spell caster and asked him. In this case, there are many possibilities, for example,

  • He did not say to you the exact three weeks
  • Spellcaster made mistake during the spell
  • He has not finished your spell
  • Maybe the spell is not compatible with your situation.

The solution for that is before starting a spell ask your spell caster to do a full assessment for you.

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