What are the Signs of sihr leaving the body?


QuestionsWhat are the Signs of sihr leaving the body?
Azeza Nader asked 3 years ago
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Akhtar Bhai Spiritual Healer answered 3 years ago
Sihr is a type of witchcraft that can be used for spells, curses, and hexes. It’s also known as black magic or witchcraft. It can be done to make someone perform an act against their will. If you’re experiencing strange symptoms after being cursed by someone, it may not just be the curse itself but rather a side effect from Sihr leaving your body.

The Sihr leaves the body when it’s completed, so if you notice any of these signs and are worried about being affected by this kind of sorcery, talk with your Imam or contact us for more information on how we can help. The following are some common symptoms that indicate that Sihr has left the body:

1- A sense of relief or wellbeing

The signs that occur when the Sihr leaves the body include relief, a sense of wellbeing, and peace descend upon the person. He begins to feel secure and safe from the harm of magic. These feelings may continue temporarily or last long enough for him to be restored to his normal state. These are an indication that he has been freed from the spell.

2- Feeling lighter than usual

It is indicated that the target’s body will feel lighter when the Sihr leaves their body. You tend to feel like you are floating or levitating. The feeling disappears after a while, and it’s not painful, and it’s not uncomfortable; it’s just a feeling that you are not used to having.

3- Waking up feeling refreshed and rested after sleeping throughout the night for long periods

By waking up with a natural feeling, not tired or sleepy, it could imply that all traces of Sihr are leaving the body. So then, by getting more and more sleep, the body now gets rested for it to be purified faster. It’s like a person infected with some virus; when you wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed after sleeping through the night, it means that you are cleansed of the infection. However, if you get tired or sleepy again after waking up, this indicates that there are still traces present in your body that needs to be remedied.

4- More energy and motivation to accomplish tasks around the house or work environment

Yes, the person is more energetic. If you ever noticed, when you are sick and stay in bed, it may take a while for the body to become re-accustomed to being up and moving around if the sickness lasted for several days or weeks. So when this Sihr leaves the body of someone who was sick for a long time, the person may feel more energy.

5- Sleep more soundly at night without nightmares or interruptions, which they had been experiencing before the Sihr leaving their body

A person clearing from the effects of Sihr can sleep more soundly at night because the nightmares and interruptions have stopped. They feel better, have less distress and suffering from their experiences in life; therefore, they’re able to sleep more soundly at night.

6- A return to normal appetite and bowel movements

One of the most telling and unwelcome effects of Sihr is losing appetite and difficulties in bowel movements. Once you’re freed from Sihr, you’ll notice a return to normalcy in both appetite and bowel movements.

7- Disappearance of skin rashes caused by stress or anxiety

Stress and anxiety have seemingly visible symptoms, including skin rashes. The affected person’s skin may turn red, sometimes blistering; with others, small bumps and pimples may appear. There also have been reported cases of discolored skin (with mild to severe eczema), even violet-colored, bleeding from the skin (bruising), or very dark marks on the skin. In addition, there are multiple instances where the physical sensations of anxiety may manifest themselves on the skin, including sweating and lack of sweat. All these symptoms can manifest in a person affected by Sihr. Apparently, when Sihr leaves or rather is leaving, you’ll notice that these symptoms are also clear, leaving your skin normal and without rashes and bumps, etc.


All in all, the signs of Sihr leaving the body are vital to recognize. The sooner you know that it has left your system, the better off you will be. You can take comfort knowing there is a way out, and life does not have to feel like this forever if one pays attention to their symptoms and takes action accordingly. If any of these symptoms sound familiar or something feels wrong for no reason at all, then please do not hesitate to get help before it gets too late!

Namar answered 3 years ago
Someone did sihr on me and I went sick and start looks ugly then I was reciting 4 Kul on water everyday and drink the water. Also, shower my face with that water. I starts feeling better my skin getting normal. That looks like signs of sihr leaving me but I am still worry. I hope it will be gone sooner or later.

Abdulkarim Mahmood answered 2 years ago
To conquer black magic, please read Quran, pray salah, drinking holy water(water infused with ayatul qursi and the 4 quls and zam zam water, and take a holy bath water infused with ayatul kursi , the 4 quls and wash your body.    
Akhtar Bhai
Spiritual Healer replied 2 years ago

The water infused by Ayatul Kursi and 4 Quls is only for drink but not for a bath. Taking a bath with this water is BeHurmati (disrespect) because water goes to sewerage.

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