What is dark magic?


QuestionsWhat is dark magic?
Laura Ibarra asked 4 years ago
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Akhtar Bhai Spiritual Healer answered 3 years ago
It is very easy to understand that what is dark magic. Dark magic is magic just like black magic. In other words, dark magic is the dark side of energy generated by the magic spell caster. Dark word by itself explains a lot of things and this includes negative emotions. Dark magic is the cause of hate and anger that can affect other’s life with pain and death.

The best examples of dark magic are the spells that require a living thing’s blood. Also, the magic used to hurt someone is dark magic. Those include dark magic revenge spells, dark magic divorce spells, dark magic stop pregnancy spells, etc.

What is dark magic

The spell caster does not physically put darkness into the spell to make it dark or black. The dark magic darkness all depends on the intentions of the casting spell to hurt someone. I am saying this because sometimes good spells may cause problems but these are very rare cases.

Good spells cause problems because of the mistake during spell chanting made by an unprofessional spell caster. Another reason can be the desire already have protection and the spell caster did not check before cast spell and that spell backfire.

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