can black magic increase height?

Questionscan black magic increase height?
Roshni asked 9 months ago
6 Answers
Akhtar Bhai Spell Caster answered 9 months ago
According to my experience, the simple answer is No black magic can not increase height. Similarly, there are many magic spells people do in jealous feelings to stop increasing height. These spells only can be done with your unwashed clothes. This spell works only at the age where you are growing your height. So please try not to give your clothes to untrusted people. Furthermore, a solution for this is only possible at the beginning of the spell and impossible if your age reaches where height naturally stops increasing.
Birthe Isaksen
replied 5 months ago

So, Akhtar bhai can you cast a height increase magic spell to increase height someone under the age of being growing?

Akhtar Bhai
Spell Caster replied 4 months ago

Yes before reach the age where height stops increasing that is around 18 to 20 years normally. At this age height increase spell can be done. This height increase spell going to boost your height day after day. Also, during that, you are going to consume food more than normally you do. Moreover, this magic spell can take around 2 months to 10 months to make a noticeable difference in your height.

Hafsa Wahidah Srour answered 9 months ago
I never heard anything like this before and never saw anyone that who has increase height with black magic. I do believe in magic but increasing height with magic does not make sense. There is a specific age period of time where you grow your height after that It wont. Is there anyone who has increased height with black magic please mention.

Laura Ibarra answered 7 months ago
I am 25 plus now and my height is 149cm. i want to increase my height around 180cm. a spell caster said to me that he can increase height with dark magic. is it possible to increase height with dark magic. i really want to increase my height. is there anyone can do magic spell for increase my height please need help. 

Jean D. Brown answered 7 months ago
Laura I think with this age you can not increase your height with black magic or dark magic. I think same for the medicine even medicine is not going to work in this age to increase your height. So, is there anyone who can black magic increase height please write here with email or number that may help people who want to increase height.

Abbey Dyring answered 6 months ago
No, black magic can not increase your height. if black magic could then everyone can be taller than 8 feet. What I believe is that black magic can help with spiritual problems not physical problems. Maybe I am wrong but if I am wrong then you can tell reason for being wrong.

Emir can türkey answered 3 months ago
Anything can be done with magic 
You can grow up after you’re 20.

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