Which Black magic mantra to get love back?


QuestionsWhich Black magic mantra to get love back?
Tahmena Arshad asked 3 years ago
1 Answers
Akhtar Bhai Spiritual Healer answered 3 years ago
Recite 41 times given below the black magic mantra to get love back.

Kala Kalwa Kali Raat, Kalwa Behjun Adhi Raat, Jaab Wo Away Adhi Raat, Taan Me Lagy Sari Raat, Kalwa Beer (desire name) Ko Lao, Bethay/Bethi Ko Utha Lao, Sutay/Suti Ko Jaga Lao, Khadey Ko Doda Lao, Haal Fill Haal Lao, Laye Tu Laye (desire name) Ke Taan Badan Me Meri Mohabbat Ki Aag Lagaey.

You can chant midnight this mantra every night. You must have a separate place where no one disturbs you or sleeps next to you. Also, never tell anyone that you are chanting this mantra. Where is the desired name say the lover name that you want to bring in your life. If you are male then say Bethi, Suti, or if you are female then say Sutha, Betha, etc.

There is another powerful mantra for love I already have explained. That has been done by thousands of people and shows good results. You can write down about this mantra results may help others to decide that they should do this mantra or choose another one.

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