What does left palm itching mean?


QuestionsWhat does left palm itching mean?
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what does left palm itching mean?

What does left palm itching mean?

Left palm itching has a different meaning to different cultures, belief systems, religions, and professional groups. In this write-up, we are going to approach it from the spiritual angle and the belief system. It appears that most of the cultures actually associate it with money and luck, but the belief about money is more predominant than the other belief systems. When it means something about money, it can mean you will get money or you can spend money. Again the belief about getting money from somebody or luck that earns you plenty of more is predominant.

The fact is that there are lots of superstitions about itching hands especially itching left hands. Itching hands are generally associated with something to happen in the future. What itching in the left palm means might be different from what itching in the right-hand means? In several cultures around the world, old wives’ tales are rampant with the belief that itching left-hand palm is strongly connected with great financial fortune.

Nobody can actually tell when this belief about itching hand started but some experts believe that it started way back around the Saxons in England. The Saxons had a culture of rubbing their skin with silver which was then considered a cure for tropical diseases.

The superstition soon changed from rubbing silver to the skin to the belief that if anybody has an itching left palm it is associated with something financial. Their belief then was that when you are having that itching, you will come home with silver which was the currency in use in the country at the time. This became the first record in history that some people began to associate with money. The belief was strong in England that in the year 1935 a popular television program stated that when there is money in the hands, it will lead to itching. When there is money in the hand, one will forget everything about itching. The implication was itching in the left-hand palms could lead to good luck or wealth, or money to come.

The itching palm means that your energy is actually interacting with the world and the aim is to defeat the bad luck around you and to replace it with good luck and fortune. It simply means that your energy is in an interaction that is going on between your energy and the spiritual forces especially those that come with good luck.

Just as the body has different parts that perform different functions, in the same way, the itching of the palms in the left and right hands have their fundamental differences. Therefore, itching of the left-hand palm indicates that the universe is favorably disposed towards helping you. The universe is therefore shining down on you with a blessing.

The universe is sending messages to you in different forms. However, humans do not know how to interpret those messages sent through signs. If you can interpret those signs, you will know that left palm itching is associated with money in one way or the other. It is either that you gain money or that you lose money. Many people do not know whether it is money you gain or you are going to lose money.

The superstition is also believed to have emanated from the Celtics. These people strongly believe that if you scratch your hand on the wood it can bring back positive luck. Woods according to them is associated with evil spirits and to cleanse yourself from the evils spirits scratch the woods with the hand. The reason for the assumption is the belief that spirits live in the wood and if you touch the abode of the spirit bad luck follows and you scratch the wood to remove it.

Other practices are associated with that. The belief that if you touch the wood soon after verbalizing the hopes as well as the dreams and you do not disclose it to the spirits, you will get good luck. This means that the verbalization that you have done will come to fulfillment. When you knock the palm on the wood, it is going to turn into good things. Hitting the wood simply means that you have hidden your intention from bad spirits which could prevent that dream from turning into a reality.

The mixture of the Saxons and Celtics let the mingling of that belief. With time that itching of palms became associated with good things. If you had an itching hand or then the best way to prevent bad spirits from taking it away from you would be to knock on the wood. When you do that, it chases the evil spirit away and that makes it easy for the fortune to become a reality. Once you have that itching palm, they believe that you are sure of getting money and the only thing that you can do to make sure that it sees the light of the day is to scratch the wood to block bad spirits from interfering with your luck.

The wood has the power to prevent good things from happening since they are the abode of the evil spirits. If you scratch it on the wood, it protects the hand as well as the fortune that comes your way.

Left-hand itching can also mean losing money. It means that it is not always that you are going to have money when your palm itches you. Some people especially people of the old testament of the bible believe that left hand itching could mean losing money. It can also mean that you can face some difficulties soon. The itching of the left hand should be a sign that you can lose money and it warns you that you must cling to your wallet wisely otherwise bad omen will befall you and you can lose a substantial amount of money. Financial loss does not always mean that money in your wallet will be lost out of pocket. It could mean a loss of an investment or even a loss of an expensive item you have purchased. Whichever way, it means that you must guard what you have jealously to prevent unwarranted loss.

Since left palm itching has something to do with money. You have to pray whenever you have such a sign to turn into something good.

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