How many types of Black Magic or kala jadu?


QuestionsHow many types of Black Magic or kala jadu?
Hameed Rana asked 3 years ago
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Akhtar Bhai Spiritual Healer answered 3 years ago
Black magic is the use of supernatural power or satanic and demonic evil to destroy others. These powers can be used to destroy a person or even an animal and objects, physically, mentally, and spiritually. The act of black magic can also be referred to as witchcraft and is associated with the flow of negative energies and influences.

Black magic has been on earth since the early days of man. Here are some types of black magic (types of Kala Jadu) used by individuals;


Voodoo is evil acts that are done to affect someone negatively. Voodoo is seen as modern black magic. Voodoo practices like curses, doll piercing, and poisons have been used since black magic started. Despite it being regarded as modern, various acts of voodoo have been used in traditional pasts too.

This type of black magic is common in Caribbean countries and it is sometimes regarded as a religion with the incorporation of Roman and African rituals.

Devil worship

Devil worshipping is a form of black magic that involves accepting the devil or Satan as supreme. It also involves the supplication of evil spirits and Satanism. This can also be described as satanic beliefs and acts. Today, many devil-worshipping centers attract many black magic enthusiasts all over the world. Another term used to define this kind of black magic is the ‘power of darkness.

Black shamanism

This kind of black magic is a belief that power and energies can be transferred from one person to another. It is alleged that this can be done by drinking portions of drinks given by shamans who can perform these acts.

These shamans are also believed to interact with spirits in the spirit world on behalf of the living.
Apart from black shamanism, there is also yellow shamanism which greatly opposes black shamanism. Their similarity though is associated with the spirits.

Sifili Magic

Sifili magic is famous in Asian countries like India and Pakistan. People use this magic to destroy someone’s life one way or another.

There are many other types like Bengali Jadu, Misri Jadu, Thai Magic, etc. According to my experience, each area has its own type of magical ritual.

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