What are good witches called?


QuestionsWhat are good witches called?
Katie Lonsdale asked 3 years ago
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Caroline Lombardi answered 3 years ago
Good witches are known as White witches. Just like the white light we associate with healing, these witches are healers who hold a special reverence for nature. Although they are from many different backgrounds, they share a common goal to change the lives of others and their own lives for good. The last line of the Wiccan Rede is “an ye harm none, do what ye will.” Although you will find many noble paths for a witch to follow, one stands out for those who want to practice a pure form of magick.

Good witches or white witches live their lives by the Wiccan Rede, believing that each action they take will have a ripple effect. Since these witches are typically empaths, they sense what will happen more acutely than other witches. Moreover, their emotions can change those around them for good and or bad. However, they choose to use all their energy to create better lives for others.

Good witches are sometimes thought to be Earth angels since they emit divine energy. However, angels are a part of the air, and good witches are grounded to Earth by their need to protect and heal people. As they continue their practice, they begin to have a stronger connection between the world they live in and the elements that guide it. Even though it is a cliche, dreams for white witches do come true. When they sleep, they will often have lucid dreams that manifest into reality. Some are intimidated by their ability to manifest things in their lives. Their gift is because they believe strongly in the underlying meaning of everything seen and unseen.

White witches’ energies also attract animals. Often, they will have a familiar like a cat, dog that follows them. Their energy attracts animals because it is pure of heart. White witches understand these animals are gifts the goddess has given as praise for following this path. Sometimes, they will have a familiar, and their spirit animal will change depending on the events happening in their lives. Even though you may feel drained afterward, you are always called to help others. People may gravitate towards you because you have peaceful energy and know the right way to help them through some of life’s more complicated storms.

Often, white witches are born into the practice, even if it is a distant ancestor. Although you may have a tough time finding evidence your ancestor was a healer or a white witch, nursing is a profession often associated with the practice of white witchcraft. These witches may also cross into other paths, such as being kitchen witches. Since they feel a deep desire to help people and love nature, they enjoy creating remedies and healing meals for loved ones, extending to crafting and other similar hobbies. Even though many witches choose to use their talents in the kitchen, others will create candles or other crafts for people as a way of helping them. Many of them are well known as healers. Historically, they were midwives and similar professions before licensed doctors were available.

Sometimes, a white witch is vegetarian or vegan because of their reverence for all things in nature and the world. They understand that astrology and numerology are more profound than what is read in the newspaper and feel the moon cycles as they are happening. Alongside all of these other qualities, a white witch always believes that better things are on the horizon. They are known to recycle even if it is not something their friends and family do. White witches also live by the seasons. They understand it is a season of death during winter, not in the literal sense but a time to discard old beliefs. Additionally, different seasons affect them because they are intricately linked with nature.

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