What does the evil eye mean?


QuestionsWhat does the evil eye mean?
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Akhtar Bhai Spiritual Healer answered 3 years ago
Many wonderful and weird cultures, traditions, and myths exist across the world, one of which is the evil eye. The evil eye is a curse passed through many generations and still exists today.

People believe that if someone with an evil eye is envious of you, they have the power to use this eye’s glare to send lousy luck on your way, including injury, illness, or even death.

Because of this belief, most people sought protection from the evil eye. Hence, using a piece of evil eye jewelry as a symbol of protection against terrible omen or luck.

What is evil eye mean

4 Ways of getting protection from the evil eye

Most people who believe that the evil eye can cause lousy luck have attempted different ways of protecting themselves and their loved ones. Apart from wearing the evil eye jewelry, other three protection methods have been adopted by various cultures to protect people from evil eyes. They are as follows:

Coconut rituals

It is a ritual that involves getting and smashing a coconut to the ground. The coconut is used to resemble the bad omen and the evil eye that has caused the curse. The ritual is supposed to take place in a pure environment like a chapel or temple. The temple or chapel where the coconut is smashed should be far away from home to ensure that the bad luck does not get back.

• Mirror talisman

In this case, people use a mirror because of its reflective property, and hence most people believe that the lousy luck bounces back to the sender. Therefore many people tend to arrange mirrors in commonly used rooms and doorways in their houses to ward off bad luck.

Magnet cleanses

Other people believe that a magnetic cleanse can be useful in pulling lousy luck away from you. It is a ritual that involves passing a magnet all over your body, starting from the head to the toes. The magnet is then burnt, which is done to signify that the evil eye and the bad things it brings are the ones being burnt.

• Wearing the symbol of the evil eye

In most cases wearing the symbol of an evil eye attached to a necklace, ring, bracelet, or earring is believed to provide enough protection against the evil eye. For most of the jewelry, the evil eye is typically white and blue, but different colors give different meanings.

For instance, the orange color signifies protection, motivation, happiness, playfulness, and creativity. Dark blue is used for fate protection and karma, while light blue represents general protection. Red represents courage, dark green for happiness, brown shows connection with nature, while yellow is for health. Lastly, grey protects sorrow, pink for protection of friendships, and white for focus.

In conclusion, most people have encountered the evil eye at one point in their life, be it in stories, paintings, cultures, or jewelry. But the best thing is that I have above described the meaning of the evil eye and various ways of protecting yourself from the doom associated with it.

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