Is Magic Spell Real?


QuestionsIs Magic Spell Real?
Gareth Bellamy asked 4 years ago
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Carl Martinez answered 3 years ago

The magic spell was practiced centuries ago before the development of modern technology that came to disregard its existence. For years, many have wonder if indeed, the magic spell is real and if it works. The simple answer is yes, the magic spell is real, and some of the spells work even better today.

It is essential to understand magic itself is an energy humans use as a secret tool for accessing an invisible realm that they have sensed. In ancient days, magic spells gave people an avenue to achieve what their hearts desired, such as healing and protection. Protection spells are believed to provide comfort and safety in the dark world.

The magic spell comes in different forms of practices, such as mantras mutterings and symbols, etc. The symbols and mantra mutterings hold graver meaning, and it is believed that the effects of all the practices are used for a better good. However, some use black magic to exclusively benefit themselves at the cost of others, which is called black magic spells.

Magic spells are based on the power of language towards the invisible world. Mantra’s words are believed to be very powerful. The correct terms can alter a society’s total beliefs and the belief of a person. Therefore, since languages are used in magic spells, they are real and can happen whenever practiced.

In addition, a magic spell is also made up of other elements making it to be structured. It consists of colors, herbs and talismans, rituals and taboos, actions, and altered consciousness. All the aspects are practiced structurally, making them more accurate and increasing the chances of occurring.

The magic spells are believed to have two phases, gathering in the powers and releasing the energies. In assembling the forces, concentration is the most important aspect and needs to have someone with higher powers for it to work. The two phases work hard to produce great results.

Some of the magic spells that are still practiced today include black magic, white magic, voodoo magic spells. There are ancient magic word called mantras that is believed in chanted severally, something unusual will happen. In recent days, spellcasters use these words to make things disappear, proving real magic spells.

Magic spells need faith for them to happen. Different religions have different practices and beliefs that guide them towards the good. Practicing white magic is the most outmost good of the magic spell. It protects the people and ensures that there is no one hurt.

Failure to follow magic spells rules has dire consequences. One needs to be keen as when the spells are performed wrongly; they can awaken the dark world leading to the whole community being in danger. Every caster is responsible for their actions, and even a single move can lead to their demise.

In conclusion, a magic spell is real. It is a religion and faith in. it constitutes several elements coordinated well to work. The magic spell is based on language, which is the most critical tool in anything.

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