What is black salt used for in witchcraft?


QuestionsWhat is black salt used for in witchcraft?
Dorthea asked 3 years ago
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Akhtar Bhai Spiritual Healer answered 3 years ago
Black salt is a popular item used in spells for those who believe in witchcraft and practice it. Black salt is made when salt is mixed with iron scrapings or even a little pepper. It can also be mixed with ashes to give the salt the black color. If a person wants to enhance the black color of the salt they can add a little bit of black pepper. This will not harm the mixture at all but make the color stand out. Black salt has many uses it witchcraft, and many use it to say that this black salt is powerful.

The black color represents mystery in witchcraft. The black salt can be used for protection, banishing, and warding off spirits. The black salt can also be used in spells for purification. These are some of the more common uses for black sea salt in spells.

Black salt can be made at home. Sea salt and the items being used to make it black are ground in a mortar. A person will visualize the intentions they want to use the salt for. Once everything is mixed the salt is put into a bottle and labeled.

  1. Protection

The salt is spread on the border of the home. It will help protect the home from dark magic spells and will help remove negative energy.

      2. Purification

This black salt can be used in a spell to help purify a home or an area. It can be used to help banish negative energy from a person or place. It can also be used to help reverse any negative energy spells that have been used on a person.

      3. Binding

When performing spells the items that are used will need to be protected. Black salt can be used in bags, jars, and sachets to help bind the spell that is being performed and help banish anything negative that may impact the spell.

     4. Protection Circle

When performing a spell or a ritual the black salt can be spread in a circle on the ground. This will help protect the ritual and those that are performing it.

     5. Remove Negativity

Black salt can be kept in a bowl and it can be placed around the home. This will help keep spirits that intend to harm from entering the home. It will also help remove any negative energy or vibes that are impacting the home.

     6. Remove Stubborn Spirits

Black salt can be used to help remove anything negative that is impacting the home including spirits. Black salt is sprinkled on the floors of the home. It should be allowed to sit for a few minutes. The black salt is then swept or vacuumed up. When the salt is removed from the floor it will take any negative energy or spirits with it. This is done when the spirits are stubborn and do not want to go.

These are some of the uses for black salt in spells. The black salt will help remove negative energies and spirits. It will also offer protection to the person performing the spell and the person that the spell is being performed for.

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