How to find out Who did Sihr on you?

QuestionsHow to find out Who did Sihr on you?
Sabihah asked 1 month ago
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Akhtar Bhai Spiritual Healer answered 4 weeks ago
Sihr can be performed on an individual (targeting him/her) or on a group of people (for example, by making all members of a family fight with each other). It can also target an animal for example making a farm animal behave strangely or make them sick. Doing this type of magic most jealous reason and want to hurt you one way or another. After suffering you want to know who is behind these all things and looking for the way how to find out who did sihr on you?

Find out who did Sihr on you?

There are various ways to find out who did Sihr on you. I am going to mention here a few of them.

1. Istikhara to find out who did Sihr on you.

After isha Nazam recite 3 times Darood e Taj, 10 times surah Fathia, and 11 times Darood Ibrahim after that recite

Ya-aleemo alumni ya khabeeru akhbirni ya wahabo habli

121 times and then recite Darood Ibrahim 11 times.Your bed and blanket must be clean. Do this for three days. After this Istikhara has two possibilities, first, you are going to see the person who is doing spells on you. Second, you see premonition that this person is doing Sihr on you.

2. Another way of finding who did Sihr on you.

Write talisman given below on 4 different blank paper with black color

ط ا ه ١ ط ا ما سا ه ١١ ار اطمع

After writing the backside of the paper writes your purpose example, I want to see who is doing Sihr on me.Close these four papers make them small and keep them under your bed feet. Each foot should have one amulet you just created.This way you are only going to see the person who did Sihr on you in your dream. It may take more than a week.

3. Hazirat to find out who is doing Sihr

Hazirat is another powerful way to find out who is doing Sirh. Hazirat only professional spiritual healer does. When someone wants to know something they ask you to close your eyes and show you right away that this person is doing a spell on you.

If a patient is too sick to reach the spiritual healer they would ask you to bring a relative that should be young. Spiritual healers chants and cover the person’s head with white cloth and show him/her that this person is doing black magic on your relative.

The third option for a spellcaster to find out is also Hazirat but that Hazirat does not require to bring anyone. This type of hazirat is very rare and only a few people can do it. Sayed Ramzan Sha was the one of them.

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