How to remove evil eye from business?


QuestionsHow to remove evil eye from business?
William asked 3 years ago
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Akhtar Bhai Spiritual Healer answered 3 years ago
There are different ways to remove the evil eye from Business. Most of the time these evil eyes associates with the owner of the business or sometimes with an employee. That is why I am going to mention here some easy ways to remove the evil eye from a business.

1- Hang horseshoe
Hanging a horseshoe at the wall of your shop is the oldest and effective way to keep your business safe from evil eyes. This method has been used since ancient times.

How to remove evil eye from bussiness

2- Sage
This is also a good method if you have a physical business office/shop. With this method not only evil eye removed but all other energies like black magic will be removed as well. I already have explained this method Click Here.

3- Cleansing with a mantra
Bring some running water (sea, river, canal) in a bottle and chant 313 times:
Gorakh Nath Ki Tasbhi Phre Subo Shaam
Raad Kro Nazar Baad Mehfoz Reh Dukan
After chant, the given mantra blows on the water. The water will be energized and use this water three days right after open your shop. Shower on the walls and floor of the shop. Evil eye will be gone after that.

There may other methods to remove the evil eye from a business. But these are the easiest and effective ways to save your business from evil eyes. I am going to post other methods on my blog very soon. Stay tuned.

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