Do love spells work ?


QuestionsDo love spells work ?
Clara Jenner asked 4 years ago
2 Answers
Akhtar Bhai Spiritual Healer answered 3 years ago

Yes, if you cast a love spell with exact instructions they work. If you make mistake during a spell or before a spell then may not work. That is why I always suggest people must hire a professional spell caster. A spellcaster who is an expert and knows which spell is going to fit your situation. Sometimes you are casting spells that may not fit your situation. Also, in the worst situation, there may black magic involved in your situation. So, only do love spells work if you do in a proper manner and the spells with full details. Never cast a spell if it is not with full instruction.

Abad Ali answered 3 years ago
Sometimes you are just very much in love with another person but they don’t feel anything for you in return. Or if that is not you, then it is a friend, neighbor, or there is a story you have heard somewhere.

It happens!

Love spells are a common thing in the relationship sphere. Love spell attracts one party that is initially not interested in the person using it on them.

Let say, you and your crush are mutually connecting though not intimately. Applying the magic on them accelerates the understanding between you two. There is a high chance of an intimate relationship developing.

What to keep in mind however when casting a spell on another person is for you to keep pure intentions. After casting the spell, go straight to them and let them know your intentions openly.

Do this nicely with a bit of emotional discharge so that they can feel a genuine approach. This will be a plus in sparking and creating an even more robust connection. This is how love spells work.

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