What Are The Signs someone put a love spell on you?


QuestionsWhat Are The Signs someone put a love spell on you?
Phan Đăng asked 3 years ago
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Akhtar Bhai Spiritual Healer answered 3 years ago
These are the most common signs someone put a love spell on you.

  • You are standing a long time in front of a mirror.
  • You are thinking about only a specific person and can not sleep.
  • After put interest in a person starting to disinterest in life.
  • Continues menstruation without medical reasons.
  • The heartbeat becomes fast while seeing the person.

Sometimes spell caster do revenge spells that look like someone has done a love spell on you. The purpose of these types of revenge spells is to ruin your life by putting you in love with someone that is not possible to get. For example all of sudden you just fall in love with a married person or aged person. You become think less and start wasting your life and time for nothing.

In many cases, I have seen people done revenge spells for a school student so he can not study. The student just falls in love with another fellow that is of the same gender. This revenge spell technique is going to work that way that both are straight and it is impossible for them together. The victim starts to waste his time chasing him and can not study while thinking about him. Extreme situation victim starts to do some unusual activities and ends up from rusticate from school or college. After that, he starts to feel normal day after day because the purpose of the revenge spell was just done.

I have written detail about the love spells symptoms. Visit and that may help you too.

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