What does it mean when a black cat sits on the hood of your car?


QuestionsWhat does it mean when a black cat sits on the hood of your car?
Abbey Dyring asked 4 years ago
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Akhtar Bhai Spiritual Healer answered 3 years ago
A black cat sits on the hood of your car simply means is that a cat is sitting on the hood of your car nothing else. Maybe she could not find a better warm place than your car hood. There are only rare cases when people use black cats to cast magic spells. Even black cat used in magic still does not need to do things like this. The way witches cast a magic spell with a black cat by using hairs, nails, and poop of cat. Evil types of witches who kill a black cat for dark magic. After killing a cat they remove eyes, skin, and heart. These all parts used for black magic cast by a black cat. Black cat magic spells can use for different purposes famous are make someone agree to something, separate spell, or take revenge spells. These things can be done even better than using a cat by other powerful magic spells. The main reasons for witches to use a cat are;

  • Trying to decrease the cost of the spell.
  • They only learned one way of doing spells.
  • On the other hand, these witches do not know a wide knowledge of witchcraft.
  • Similarly, they are definitely heartless who kill a cat for their evil purpose.

That is why I have seen many witchcraft practitioners cursed or under karma because they can do anything to achieve their evil goal. Witchcraft can be used for good purposes in the right way without even hurt anyone. Hope your concept of sitting a black cat on the hood of your car is clear now. If you still have anything to say or want to consult something you can contact me. Find the WhatsApp icon somewhere on this page and use WhatsApp for a fast response.

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