What are the Signs someone is hurting you with voodoo?


QuestionsWhat are the Signs someone is hurting you with voodoo?
Triệu Lệ Tú asked 3 years ago
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Akhtar Bhai Spiritual Healer answered 3 years ago
Voodoo is a powerful practice, and if you have been put on a voodoo spell, there are signs you may spot to know it. However, the most imperative thing to do is acknowledge the situation and find a way of cleansing yourself from the spell. But, how do you know that someone is hurting you with voodoo? Here are the top signs someone is hurting you with voodoo;

  1. The body feels weak– A person feels a long-lasting weakness accompanied by a lack of strength in the whole body even though they don’t work hard, literally becoming dead-like. It becomes hard for them to start any new activity or handle any task. Even in a short walk, you feel very tired.
  2. Cramp in some parts of the body– A person may feel a sudden contraction in one or more body muscles which may cause severe pain. The cramps make it hard to use the affected body parts.
  3. Feeling pain in the joints– You may start feeling pain in the joints which can become frequent and severe.
  4. Burning in some body parts– You may experience this burning sensation anywhere on your body. It can be arms, face, legs, or the scalp making you uncomfortable.
  5. Feeling headache– You may experience severe and frequent headaches that don’t seem to have any medical cause.
  6. Blue or red marks appear on the body– You may see blue or red marks on your skin from frequent scratching.
  7. Pain in the whole body, and it remains hot- You may feel pain in your whole body. The pain becomes more serious, which makes the body very hot.
  8. Irritation and redness in the eyes– You may feel your eyes being itchy, and as you scratch them, they become red. It occurs from time to time, and it can become unbearable.
  9. Difficulty in breathing– A person experiences breathing problems resulting from coughing spasms or shortness of breath. These problems happen regularly and can become more serious.
  10. Pain in the stomach and diarrhea – A person experience abdominal pains which accompany diarrhea. The pain can be achy, cramp-like, dull, or sharp, which may become unbearable.
  11. Feeling dizzy– One may have a general feeling of dizziness, and if tests are carried out, they come back negative. This sign is similar to black magic symptoms.
  12. Feeling like you are being injected with pins– An overwhelming feeling of your body being injected with pins. It does not happen in one place but rather in different places, making your whole body ache.
  13. Pinch in the feet and swelling of legs– You may feel like your feet are being pinched. It frequently happens as it comes and goes away. In addition, your legs also start to swell.
  14. The medication starts to work but gives you issues later– At the start, you may see the medicines working just fine and maybe your body responding. But with time, you may get more complications and find that you are not responding to treatment.
  15. Pimples start to appear on the face, making it lose its natural look- You start to notice pimples on your face, increasing as time goes by. Besides, the face starts to lose its natural look, and you may fail to recognize yourself.

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