How do love spells backfire?


QuestionsHow do love spells backfire?
Laila Filemonsen asked 3 years ago
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Akhtar Bhai Spiritual Healer answered 3 years ago

There are many reasons love spells backfire and a backfiring spell is going to be worse than a direct spell. I am going to explain here the most common reasons.

  • The first thing first is that the desired person has a protection spell that is why the love spell backfires. It does not matter how strong is your love spell with this way love spell is not going to work so need to remove protection first then do the love spell then it will work smoothly.
  • During spell you made mistake and that cause backfire. For example, you mistakenly name the desire in your place and you are into the desire during chanting. This is just an example there will be even more reasons of that is why always learn and carefully once you start a spell.
  • You do not know the name of desire and you just guess that is the name of desire sometimes this may cause a backfire too.
  • Also, once you are doing a spell and the desired person went to a spell caster and finds out that there is a spell working on him than a spell caster return back to the person who is doing it.

The solution for that is always to consult the professional spell caster before cast any spell. Spellcasting is an art and a professional spell caster knows what he is doing and what is exact solution for your problem and what spell is going to fit your requirements.

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