What rituals can I do for good luck in 2021?


QuestionsWhat rituals can I do for good luck in 2021?
Patricia Reynolds asked 3 years ago
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Frederick answered 3 years ago
With the New Year comes a chance for change and hopefully a little luck. When wondering what rituals can I do for good luck in 2021 here are a few to choose from.

Sound Bath

You will play different instruments and listen to the sounds. This will allow you to meditate and will bring on the flow for good luck. You can do this on your own or you can attend an online sound bath.

Open all Windows and Turn on All Light

Once everything is done give the house a good cleaning. The fire element likes bright lights and this is said to attract luck. Throw out anything that is broken to encourage so good energy into the home.

12 Figures

Display 12 different types of fruit or since it is the year of the Ox, 12 ox figures. This will have a figure for each month and will help bring luck.

These are some rituals you can to do bring luck in the new year. With all of the craziness in the world, they are worth a try to bring some good fortune into your home.

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