What does the bible say about sorcery?


QuestionsWhat does the bible say about sorcery?
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Sorcery in the Bible and its Acceptance Today

In the Christian faith, we live every day by the dedication and belief that everything is in God’s hands. This forms the basis of Christianity because we know and accept that we cannot control the happenings around us or predict our futures.

By leaving everything to God, we release all powers to want to or need to control our existence and that of everyone around us.

Sorcery relates to wanting complete control and using spiritual powers or evil spirits to influence happenings in society. It is similar to magic and necromancy, which were forbidden acts in the bible.

Sorcery in the Scriptures

What does the bible say about sorcery?

Necromancy is an abomination. Thus sorcery in the bible is used as a reference point for any immoral and false practices. It is a direct effort to try and oppose God’s will by trying to change how and when God meant something to happen.

  • In 1st Chronicles 10:13, we read Saul’s story, whose death resulted from his unfaithfulness to God. This happened when he decided to consult the witch of Endor, a medium.

All he wanted the medium to do was the summoning of Prophet Samuel’s spirit. Saul needed to receive advice regarding the Philistines in battle.

This was considered an act of unfaithfulness and impatience since he had tried to consult God via sacred lots and prophets to no avail.

Choosing sorcery, in this case, wasn’t justified in as much as his reasons were pure.

  • Isaiah 8:19 asks for the reason why Christians would consult the dead spirits on issues of the living. There might be many issues that lack answers, but the bible encourages having constant conversations with God because He is all-knowing.

Consulting mediums and spiritists, who in turn whisper to their evil beings, goes against every biblical teaching.

  • Leviticus 20:27 reminds us of how anyone who practiced sorcery was executed by stoning to death. It magnifies in detail how witchcraft went against the rules and laws of Christianity, and God frowned upon those who took part in such activities.

  • All acts of the flesh are outlined in Galatians 5:19-21, including witchcraft, idolatry, and debauchery, among other acts of sin. The bible warns that those who choose to follow the path of these inequities will not inherit God’s kingdom.

So, what does the bible say about sorcery? or what does the bible say about black magic?

The bible is clear enough about God’s stand on sorcery, magic, and witchcraft. Any means of communication with deities and spirits that is not sacred or Godly is highly discouraged.

Sorcery Today

The world has experienced a massive shift in spiritual beliefs and faith in general. Various religious sects have cropped up, and individuals are now not afraid to consult mediums to intervene whenever they need direction.

There are published books on practicing acts of witchcraft, and mediums are found locally in several towns. It is no longer an act of shame, and more and more people are looking this way for spiritual guidance.

Modern witches cast spells on people to attract those they love, while mediums are visited to speak to the dead and calm their unsettled souls.

Some of these witches meet regularly in what is known as covens, usually consisting of male and female witches and a ‘leader’ called the high priest or priestess.

Due to this, there is increased occultism, leading people to conventional beliefs in gods, others professing to atheism.


Supernatural powers exhibited in the days of the Old Testament are no different from those we are witnessing today. The only change is in the attitude towards them.

With diversity in cultures and the establishment of laws that protect human nature and cultural beliefs, the strict actions of punishment against witches and sorcerers are now illegal.

Many countries all over the world have less strict laws regarding worship today.

If you are a Christian, and strict follower of the scriptures, then many verses in the holy book forbid necromancy. Whether or not you choose to obey them is up to you, but God’s stand is final.

With sorcery no longer considered abominable society-wise, individuals can find ‘solace’ in what they deem fast and self-fulfilling spiritual intervention.

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