What does the bible say about black magic?


QuestionsWhat does the bible say about black magic?
Gianna Esposito asked 3 years ago
1 Answers
Karen answered 3 years ago
There are said to be magic spells that can heal and help a person why they are on earth. Some wonder what does the bible says about black magic? Both the new and the old testaments in the bible are against black magic. They do not support the use of any form of magic especially back magic or someone wanting to contact the spirit world or beyond without being guided by the Holy Spirit. The bible goes on to say that black magic and the practice of black magic will harm the relationship with Jesus Christ and this magic is a skin. It is also dangerous.

God has commanded that his children have nothing to do with black magic or other dark practices that may be similar. This magic is not supported in any way in the bible. Not only is black magic said to be a sin, but it is also dangerous to practice.

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