What does it mean when your left hand itches?


QuestionsWhat does it mean when your left hand itches?
Idika Joshi asked 3 years ago
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Akhtar Bhai Spiritual Healer answered 3 years ago
An itching left hand has different meanings in different cultures. Most cultures tend to associate it with money or luck. However, there is some disagreement about whether it means money will be received or given away. Either way, money, and luck are definitely the predominant associations with an itching left hand.

There is a lot of superstition around hands that itch and left hands in particular. Hands that itch can be associated with something that is going to happen in the future. There is also thought to be a difference between what the itching means depending on whether it is the right or left palm. In most cultures, it is believed that an itchy left hand means you are going to receive some money or good fortune.

It is not known for sure when or where this myth about an itchy left hand began. One theory is that it was started by the Saxons in England in the 9th century. They were known for trying to cure tropical diseases by rubbing the palms of the hand with silver.

Over the centuries this superstition changed from rubbing silver to associating an itchy hand with something financial. If the left hand was itching, then people believed that they would come home that day with silver in their hands. The belief also started to develop that receiving money could stop the itching. When the money is in the hand, then the itching becomes forgotten.

Itching right palm means different than left. The itching is a sign that your energy is interacting with the world. When the itching begins you should look for ways to defeat the bad luck around you and replace it with good luck.

The body has many different parts that all perform different functions. These differences are also present in the itching that takes place between the left and right hand. Itching on the left hand means that the universe is looking for ways to help you and that you should look out for signs of this help.

Beliefs centered around superstition and the hands also came from the Celtics, who lived in Great Britain before the Saxons. They believed that scratching your hand on wood could help bring good luck. This is because they used to believe that evil spirits lived within the wood and if you touched the place where the spirits lived, then bad luck would follow you around. The only way to get rid of this bad luck was to scratch your hand on a piece of wood.

There is another practice that is associated with luck that also involves touching wood. If you want something to happen you should say these hopes out loud and then immediately touch the wood. When you hit the wood, it means that your hopes are hidden from the evil spirits and so there is nothing they can do to prevent your hopes and dreams from coming true.

Over time, the beliefs of the Celtics and the Saxons became mixed together which means there was an even bigger association between itching palms and touching the hand on wood. If the left hand started to itch, then knocking the wood would prevent the evil spirits from taking away any good luck that was about to happen. They could then wait and see what luck they would receive, knowing that there was going to be no interference from the spirits.

While there are many cultures that believe an itching left hand can mean you will receive money, there are also people who believe that it can mean money will be lost. This belief tends to come from the Old Testament of the Bible. As well as losing money, it can also mean that some bad luck is going to come your way. Some people believe that it could mean that you will lose any cash that you have on you at that moment or it could be a fall in the value of investments, or the loss of an expensive item. People who believe in this superstition will start to think about taking more care of their possessions if their left hand starts to itch.

If you ever find that your left hand start itching, then it is a sign that the universe is trying to tell you something. Look out for the signs that are around you, and there is a good chance you will be able to turn this itching into some good fortune.

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