What are witches afraid of?


QuestionsWhat are witches afraid of?
Birthe Isaksen asked 3 years ago
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What are witches afraid of?
Witches are people who practice witchcraft by using magic spells and summoning spirits for help or to cause change. The existence of witches has been talked about in different religions and it’s believed that they secretly meet at night to organize evil deeds. For many cultures around the world, witches are the best explanation of evil in society. Although witches are associated with evil, some have used their ability to heal and provide solutions in difficult times by consulting spirits. Witches are human and have fears too like anyone else despite the supernatural capabilities.

Water is one of the things that witches fear, it might sound weird but it’s true. Most witches prefer keeping their identities a secret because of the culture’s perceptions. Water was used in ancient times when witch trials existed and whoever was found guilty was punished. The controversial water test was used in courts to determine guilty or innocence in courts. When a witch was put in a pool of water, the witch floats instead of sinking hence guilty. This can be used in modern times although the trials don’t exist.

Witches are equally afraid of persecution or death, whether actual or caused. Everyone in the world is mortal and it’s understandable to fear death. Due to the position witches hold in most communities like in Africa, Middle East, South America, and Asia, anyone believed to be a witch is faced with violence. Several people have fallen culprits of the beating or killings that result from such accusations. However, many innocent people have died due to false accusations and a few guilty ones making every witch afraid.

Darkness gives witches perfect conditions to perform their satanic deeds. Witches fear iron stake, it can act as a good weapon when you are hunting a witch. Trapping a witch is difficult since they often shapeshift, but this iron stake or splashing water on them can help trap a witch. Amazingly, things are changing in the 20th century especially for western witches who are trying to overturn the stereotype of witchcraft. They try to officially practice witchcraft as a religion, mostly in the United States and Canada.

Modern-day witches of the west practice witchcraft but try to avoid evil as they strive to live peacefully. These witches don’t harm anyone and use a shadow book, collection of wisdom and witchcraft, to create an herbal remedy for flu rather than a hex for harming people. Unfortunately, witches from other parts of the world for instance; Africa, South America, and Asia still perform witchcraft that harms people. This puts them at a higher chance of being beaten by a mob, creating fear between them.

In short, witches too get afraid despite practicing witchcraft, this might be the more reason they secretly practice it at night. They try as much as possible to remain invisible to the rest of the community because of the severe consequences that might befall them. In case you have been searching for things that can make witches afraid, now you know and it’s time to act.

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