How to Cast a love spell with a picture?


QuestionsHow to Cast a love spell with a picture?
Raniya Issa asked 3 years ago
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Akhtar Bhai Spiritual Healer answered 3 years ago
There are many ways to cast a loving spell. The spell with pictures will help a person know they are reaching the object of their affection. There is no confusion and this will help a person get their lover back.

There is an easy loving spell with a picture that will help get this process started.

What is needed for this spell?

The following items are going to be needed for this loving spell with a picture. It is important that they are followed exactly.

A long white candle is needed along with a picture of yourself and a picture of the person you love. Some tears will be used. Also needed is a white handkerchief and a small red box to keep finished items in.

At midnight light a white candle. Close it as close as possible to your body without getting burned.

There needs to be a lot of emotion at this time. Some people may cry Next they light it to bring up as much emotion as possible. While it may be difficult it is important to catch some of these tears.

With the wax still melting take two drops of the tears and allow them to fall on the object of your affection.

The tears cannot just land anywhere in the picture. They need to go to specific places. The tears should be applied to the face and another as close to the heart as possible in the picture.

At this time get a picture of yourself and put it face to face with the picture of the beloved. The photos need to be glued together by placing a small amount of glue in the corners.

The photos are wrapped in a handkerchief while reciting:

I want my lover having you close to me because you do really need me for the feelings that we once had we want that out affection be reborn.

Next to saying this allows the wax to burn down completely. Take the melted wax from this and put it with the handkerchief and the photos.

Store this in a red cardboard box. The box should be small. The box should be kept someplace safe.

For the next three Tuesdays in a raw put some small red flowers in the box. The spell will begin t work at this time. Some people will see their lover return within the first week. Others may have to wait the full three weeks for this person to come back into their life. It may begin with a text or a message. As the spell goes on this person will become a bigger part of life and by the time it is over the couple will be back together.

Losing a lover can be hard. This spell will help end the heartache and will allow a couple to get back together. Happiness from this point on will depend on how they treat each other but the spell will give them that chance to be happy and in love. Also, you can do this free established love spell.

Ansari shumaila answered 3 years ago
I want him to miss me and come back to me with neat heart

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