What does the evil eye do?


QuestionsWhat does the evil eye do?
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Akhtar Bhai Spiritual Healer answered 2 years ago

The evil eye

The evil eye mean is a look that is believed to cause misfortune to the person whom it’s directed to due to envy or dislike. The evil eye is a curse presumed to be cast of bad intentions. It is usually given to a person when they are not aware.

However, the evil eye has continuously been designed in various colors over the years, each representing a particular meaning. It is primarily used in jewelry. The most popular color is deep blue, although there are many colors of the evil eye in the world today.

Intentions of the evil eye

The intentions of the evil eye date back to many years ago. For instance, people believed that the evil eye was the main threat to famous persons, the rich, and the most respected in ancient Greece. The evil eye was known to cause both mental and physical illness or any other disease that didn’t have a recognizable cause. Their gods and goddess used it to punish those who had pride and had some achievements. They were destroyed to the extent of being mortals.

In the world today, the evil eye continuous to retain its meaning no matter the country or the religion. It is associated with causing pain, misfortunes, and harm to people. Therefore, giving the evil eye means that one has bad intentions for the other person.

The evil eye has powers capable of causing a disaster to the intended person. Therefore, the evil eye is very feared by most people due to its credulity.

Protection from the evil eye

Due to the evolving science and change in time, bad things have been happening to good people since the origin of the evil eye. Therefore, various ways have been developed to curb the effects of the evil eye on most believers and non-believers.

One of the common methods of protecting oneself from the evil eye is wearing it as jewelry. It is a major fashion in the modern world. Many cultures have come up with various colors and designs of the evil eye in jewelry, though the most common are white and blue. Light blue is for general protection, while dark blue is karma protection and fate. There are other colors used in the evil eye jewelry with different types of protection, such as yellow for good health, white for friendship protection, red for courage, amongst others.

Another form of protection is Mirror Talisman, where people believe that placing a mirror on a doorway bounces back the lousy luck to the sender.

The coconut ritual involves smashing a coconut in a pure environment on the ground. The coconut is a symbol of the evil eye or bad luck.

Magnet cleansing involves passing a magnet over one’s body. Some cultures believe that the magnet pulls the bad luck from the person cleansed. Then the magnet is burnt to burn the bad luck or evil eye.


The evil eye is a part of various cultures worldwide, dating to centuries ago. It is one of the mysterious symbols in the world; therefore, most people recognize it quickly.

The evil eye affects almost every religion and country globally, though most people believe it’s intended to keep off evil. Most people believe that the evil eye is intended to protect them from bad intentions such as illness or death.

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