What does it mean when you dream about snakes?


QuestionsWhat does it mean when you dream about snakes?
Jessica Behrend asked 3 years ago
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Akhtar Bhai Spiritual Healer answered 3 years ago
Did you have a recent dream about snakes that is bothering you? Then this answer is for you. Dreaming or even having thought about snakes when you are sleeping slithers down your spine.

A snake, like any other wild animal, evokes fears and respect rather than love and peace. It is good to know that dreaming about snakes has a multi-layered symbolism. That is why it can be analyzed using various ways, taking note of the different possibilities the dream was birthed.

Furthermore, dreaming about snakes has a negative meaning, but such dreams symbolize something positive to some exceptions. In this article, we will discuss ten reasons on what it means when you dream about snakes.

How to interpret a snake dream?

When interpreting a snake dream it is good to note that the meaning might be having a negative or positive symbolism. That is why when analyzing your dream, it is good to think about?

• Who was in the dream?

• What the snake was doing?

• Your attitude and feelings towards the dream

What it means to dream about a snake?

The following are possible scenarios that might appear in your dream.

#1. Being chased by a serpent

When a snake chases you in a dream, it expresses a sign of internal danger. Some of the factors that cause such a dream include success at work or anxiety of common childbirth. That is why this dream is termed as a mirror of reality, and it is recommendable you understand your current challenge to get an idea of everything that is still unconscious.

First, you can try to identify the person in this dream who is chasing you. Nonetheless, you also try to think about what is bothering you in general. When you have unnecessary worries, it will make your life more challenging.

#2. Black snakes

When you have a dream of a black snake, it does not foretell anything good. On most occasions, black snakes symbolize the life obstacles you will face or you are facing. It is advisable to avoid disputes, suspicious contracts, or arguments when you dream of a black snake.

#3. Yellow to light-colored snake

A yellow snake in a dream represents fear of the unknown. In most scenarios, you will find you are afraid of something new or not used to. Because of the fear of the unknown, you tend to lose a good job offer or something that could have benefited your life positively.

#4. Seeing a dead snake

Seeing a dead snake in a dream is a good indication that you will overcome any obstacle that made your life challenging. It also means you are coming to the end of a toxic life situation or any self-destructive thought affecting your progress.

#5. A snake that ignores you

Are you afraid of losing something valuable in your life? Then this could be the cause of this dream, whether you lose your house or car that stress you again. The dream foretells you will not incur that loss.

#6. Venomous snake

When you dream of a venomous snake, it is a message of bad events. A poisonous snake reflects a deceptive or bad behavior, personal problem, or difficult life event. Besides, it can also symbolize your thought is poisonous and toxic. Also, venomous snakes can symbolize the environment you are in. More so when you are addicted to a substance, bad people, worries, and doubts.

#7. Dreaming of the same snake again

If you have a recurring dream with different types of snakes, it shows you might be overwhelmed by a toxic person or situation in your life. The more present the snakes are in this dream, the more present this person is in your life.

#8. You saw a rattlesnake

Seeing a particular breed of snake in your dream is significant. For instance, if you dream of a rattlesnake, it is a sign of warning.

The rattle in a snake represents a red flag or something that has happened. Also, it represents a feeling in your gut.

#9. Fear of a snake bite

Dreaming such a dream shows you are an easy target. It also showcases that you are putting yourself in a difficult situation where you are losing or don’t have control of your life. As a result, you become weak and vulnerable to people who have bad intentions over your life.


From time immemorial, many people have believed that dreaming with a snake has its unique view into the inner working of the mind. That is why if snakes keep coming into your dream, it is time to get curious and search what the meaning of their action is. In addition, snakes represent a need for self-healing or toxic person, and dreaming about them is not good to ignore.

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