What are Symptoms of kiya karaya?


QuestionsWhat are Symptoms of kiya karaya?
Savatri Devi asked 3 years ago
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Akhtar Bhai Spiritual Healer answered 2 years ago
Kiya Karaya is a black magic hex that is often used in India and Pakistan. Here are the symptoms of Kiya Karaya one should look out for. It is a belief that the victim of kiya Karaya is not directly cursed, but rather an object they own or a thing that belongs to them such as jewelry, clothing, or even a house will be cursed and it is this object that affects the victim. Kiya Karaya can also affect animals such as birds, cats, or dogs. Kiya Karaya has the following symptoms;

1- The victim starts smelling a terrible smell

It is said that the smell of rotten flesh will start to come off the victim. The smell is so disgusting that other people find it hard to bear and avoid him or her. It is said that the body parts of a buffalo will be buried next to the house of the victim and it is this object that will give out the smell.

2- The victim experiences terrible stomach pain

The stomach of the victim will start to ache and they will not be able to find a cure for it. They will often say that their stomach feels like there are needles inside of it and these symptoms get worse until death.

3- The victim experiences weight loss

The weight of the victim will start to decrease and even though they eat their fill they lose more weight. It is said that kiya Karaya causes the victim’s stomach to shrink until they starve to death.

4- The victim experiences paralysis

The limbs of the victim will often feel paralyzed and they will not be able to move them. Even though the limbs are not physically damaged through an accident or something of that nature the paralyzed limb refuses to move.

5- The victim will suffer from an unspeakable amount of pain in their legs

The legs of the victim will often get seriously swollen and they will not be able to walk. It is said that the pain in the legs experienced is so horrific that it is unbearable. The pain increases until paralysis sets in and then death occurs.


Kiya Karaya is a hex that is used to cause pain, illness, and death. Before the twentieth century, it was believed there were no cures for it, and the only way to escape this hex was through black magic counterspells.

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