Is there any dua for love marriage?


QuestionsIs there any dua for love marriage?
Robena Jafri asked 3 years ago
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Akhtar Bhai Spiritual Healer answered 2 years ago
Many people get to ask , is there any dua for love marriage? The answer is definitely yes. If you wish to have Wazifa or Dua for love marriage, this is the best place you would ever consider visiting. Do you feel that your loved ones for instance your parent will not be happy with the life partner choice that you made? Worry not as this case happens to many people. With the aid of a powerful wazifa or dua, all your problems will be solved. Thus, there is a need for you to go through this answer in a careful manner.

Every person wishes to be loved. Love is much similar to oxygen and is necessary for all people. When you live with the person that you love, you will certainly be happy with the choice that you made. Islamic dua helps people to marry the life partners they have desired to marry for a long time.

Steps Involved in Performance of Love Marriage Dua

  • The love marriage dua is best done after one conducts the Isha Night prayers.
  • Conduct wudu
  • Ensure you recite ‘Darood Pak’ 111 times
  • Read Surah Inam 11 times
  • Ensure you get to say the Surah Al-Fatiha dua four times
  • Thank Allah Tala for helping you to finish the love marriage Dua

When you pray the love marriage dua for one week, you will certainly have your dream proposal regarding marriage solved. In the case where you have different options and can’t decide on who to marry, this dua prayer will help you out.

Step by Step Procedure for Love Marriage

  • Take your bath
  • Ensure you recite Durood Sharif 111 times.
  • Recite the Sura Taha 11 times
  • Recite Surah Inam 1 times
  • Ensure you recite Darood Pak 111 times and finish love marriage Wazifa.

Ensure you conduct this dua for one week and believe that Allah will listen to your duas. When you pray with a holy intention, you will have your request granted. This way, you will get to marry your most beloved person very soon.

As you pray, remember that the time taken for your prayer to be answered may be slower compared to the time taken by other people. In the case where you wish o acquire immediate results, keep praying even after the given days are over.

Important Notes on Love Marriage Dua

If you wish to love your most beloved person, it is best to keep praying for them. With dua, your marriage process will be smooth. The main precautions to put into place as you conduct dua include:

  • Pray for your person only when you completely love them.
  • It is only when you get to pray with a pure heart that your intentions will be granted.
  • When you read the wazifa or dua with the wrong intention, please do not pray.
  • If you desire to win your lover back, the best prayer for you is the Love back wazifa.


This review has answered your question on is there any dua for love marriage? It is the desire of every person to marry the person they genuinely love. Though it is the desire of each person to marry the person they love most, the process is followed by different obstacles. In case your parents are against your marriage, pray the dua that convinces parents to accept your life partner’s decision. In case you find your lover to be facing any kind of problems, pray the dua that helps a person to fall in love with the person that loves them.

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