What are Voodoo Symptoms?


QuestionsWhat are Voodoo Symptoms?
Thelma asked 3 years ago
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Akhtar Bhai Spiritual Healer answered 3 years ago
Here are some symptoms of a Voodoo Spell

1. Burning sensation in the body. When you are under voodoo you feel a burning sensation in the body. Your entire body becomes hot and this makes you develop heat rashes all over the body.

2. Cramp is some parts of the body. One feels muscular contractions in the body, it can be through sharp pains at the abdomen or any other part of the body.

3. Joint pains. There is sudden pain in the joints. All the joints become painful and this makes it difficult for the person under the spell to move with ease.

4. The body becomes weak. The body lacks strength and it weakens, this leads to the person becoming thin and prone to other health conditions.

5. The appearance of pimples on the face. Pimples appear on the face which makes that person feel insecure and not has self-esteem. In some cases, the pimples are filled with pus which makes it more embarrassing for that person.

6. The head becomes heavy. This makes the person have severe headaches

7. Blue or red marks on the body. Marks appear on the entire body and they are either red or blue, this distorts the appearance of that person and they try to hide the marks on their body.

8. Pain throughout the body. The entire body is painful, from joints, muscles to organs. This pain can vary from mild pain to excruciating pain.

9. Being dirty. One feels pleasure in having dirty clothes and they don’t see the need to clean themselves or change their clothes.

10. Stinking smell. The person stinks, this is because they don’t take baths and they don’t change their clothes which are full of dirt.

11. The body feels hot. Body temperatures increase and the body feels extremely hot. This makes that person have pimples and rashes because of the heat.

12. Reddening and irritation of the eyes. The eyes become red and they irritate.

13. Difficulty in breathing. It becomes hard to breathe and the person feels as if they are suffocated.

14. Stomach pains and diarrhea. Voodoo symptoms begin with diarrhea and then later manifest themselves with stomach pains.

15. Itching of the body. The body itches leading to that person rubbing their body and this can lead to bleeding in the entire body.

16. Face losing attraction. The face sags and it loses its attraction making a person look old and grumpy.

17. Body parts cramping.

18. Swollen legs. The legs of that person are filled with fluids either blood or pus and they swell. Swollen legs are difficult to walk in and this makes the person immobile.

19. Pinching in the feet. The feet itches and the feet pinche the person.

20. The body becomes weak. The body lacks strengths for no reason and it generally becomes weak.

21. Dizziness. A person feels light-headedness and this makes them dizzy.

22. After taking medication the body still has issues. Even after taking medicinal drugs, the body does not heal and it develops several issues.

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