How to remove nazar with red chillies?


QuestionsHow to remove nazar with red chillies?
Zeenat Shaikh asked 3 years ago
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Akhtar Bhai Spiritual Healer answered 3 years ago
If a person feels that they are under the spell of Nazar of the evil eye there are some things that they can do to reverse the spell. There is a ritual with red chilies that can help a person get out from under the spell of Nazar.

The following items will be needed to place this spell.

  • 2 teaspoons of rock salt
  • 2 teaspoons of mustard seeds
  • Dried red chilies the number of chilies used will depend on how much distress a person is in (3 to 9 chilies can be used)
  • A wood stool
  • A quiet place to perform this spell
  • Burning coals or a hot iron plan

It is beneficial if a person that is not affected by negative energy performs the ritual.

If a person is feeling heaviness or tingling in their body they can begin with 3 chilies. If they have negative thoughts they should do this spell with 5 chilies. If they have blurred vision or if they are losing control of their body they should use 7 chilies. If a person is having murderous thoughts or if they feel they are affected by the manifestation of a ghost they should use 9 chilies in this spell.

To perform this ritual a person will begin with a prayer. They will pray that the person who put the spell on them will take it off. They should also pray to the Lord to prevent distress from the evil energy that has come their way.

The person will then sit with their knees bent towards their check. The palms should face upward and they need to be placed on the knee. The non-impacted person should then stand in front of them. They will take the mustard seeds and the salt and put them in each hand there should be one chili placed in the left hand and two chilies in the right.

The person will close their hands into a fist and put them in front of the body. They should be crisscrossed. The fist and then moved from the head to the feet of the affected person. The hands will be crossed again. As the hands separate the right fist will be moved clockwise from the head to the foot. The left fist will be moved counterclockwise from the head to the foot. The hands should touch the ground.

When the hands are being moved around the body a chant must be said that will ask the evil eye to go away and that a person will be protected from injury and disease.

Once a person has performed the ritual and the chant they should empty everything that is in their hands including the chilies into a hot pan or the burning coals. This should be allowed to continue on a slow burn until the fire goes out or until the pan is no longer hot. After this time a person should be protected from the evil eye and they should notice that they are once again safe.

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