How to remove nazar from house?


QuestionsHow to remove nazar from house?
Nazy asked 3 years ago
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Archana answered 3 years ago
Nazar is a bad happening to a person. Also called an evil eye, it is believed by almost all religions.

Nazar results from a person who has intense disgust and jealousy towards you. Such a person can cause negative vibrations towards you and make your life start getting affected. You can drive Buri Nazar out of your house by following the following simple methods:

1. Lucky Bamboo

The lucky bamboo brings luck into your house, thus driving away from the evil eye. The product can be found in stores that specialize in Asian products or from florists.

2. Common Salt

If you want to know how to remove Nazar with salt, you first need to understand what makes the salt so unique for this application. Our ancestors and experts claim that the common salt contains properties that facilitate protection against an evil eye and witchcraft.

You can always sprinkle salt near the door of your house as a measure to prevent evil spirits from entering the house.

3. Fresh Flowers

Do you know whey fresh flowers will help drive evil spirits from your house? Well, they are linked with a clean environment and driving out negative energies. Therefore, you don’t have to be hesitant when filling your house with fresh flowers because they will drive out Nazar while providing you with a decorative element.

4. White Candles

White candles are also an answer to the question of how to remove nazar from house. They do so by attracting good energies in the spots they are placed. It’s similarly believed that black lighting candles will attract misfortunes, so this is not part of what you want to get in your house.

5. A mixture of sodium carbonate, lemon, and vinegar

The mixture of the above products will offer you a great product to clean your house and drive out the Nazar. You can use the mixture to clean the house and floor to ensure that you stay protected from an evil eye.

I hope you’ll use my suggestions to keep your house safe and protected always.

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