How to remove nazar dosh from house?


QuestionsHow to remove nazar dosh from house?
Parvati asked 3 years ago
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Archana answered 3 years ago
Is your family all of a sudden unhappy or have you had your love life vanquish like was never present? There may be people who are envious of your happy life and cannot bear to see you happy. If this is a case that is familiar to you, then it might be an evil eye concept.

Jealousy and being envious is a familiar case in our world and is sometimes hard to control or hide. You may have enormous possessions, have huge successes in your career, or have a happy marriage. If someone sees this and feels envious of it, it might lead to you being followed by an evil aura. The consequences of such a scenario might be a collapse of businesses, losing your job, wrangles in relationships, loss of property among other negative occurrences. To prevent this from happening, you need to use an evil eye to protect yourself and keep such evil thoughts at bay.

Here I explain ways in which you can remove Nazar dosh from your house.

Here are ways to remove Nazar dosh from your house

  1. Salt is an important remedy in chasing away evil thoughts. Filling Sendha namak into a bowl and placing it in the toilet might eliminate negative energies.
  2. Get your children to wear a yellow Clamshell. It should have a hole pierced in it.
  3. Give milk to your dog if your child fails to take it for a couple of days.
  4. If a person is suspected to have had an evil eye on a child, then he/she should move their hand over the child several times.
  5. On Saturday, the person suspected to be affected by the evil eye should be rotated with milk seven times.
  6. The taking of three Gomati chakras by the person infected and moving round seven times around the head in an isolated place then discard them in the backyard without looking back. This protects them from the evil eye even in the future.
  7. When the Pomegranate banda is worn per the shastras in Jyestha Nakshatra principles, the effects of the evil eye are removed.
  8. Making a garland using nine beads made out of black turmeric and then placing them in black thread. Then, purify it with smoke and wear it on the neck.
  9. Sewing a coconut in black cloth and hanging it outside the house will protect your house. A coconut sown in black cloth works well as an evil eye.

Best Places to put the Evil Eye?

  1. Firstly, the best place to put your evil eye according to Vashu experts is at the entrance of your house, preferably your door. If you hang it at a position of entrance, it will prevent evil thoughts from entering any part of your house. The Blue-eye is the most common for this task.
  2. Hanging it in the living area as a decorative piece is another good idea and would help transform the evil eyes into positive ones. You may also place it on top of the shelf in your living room.
  3. The Evel eye may also work well as a piece of jewelry, and therefore you can wear it as a necklace or bracelet to protect yourself. However, never wear it on your ankles.
  4. For a harmonious environment in your home, you could also place it in your garden. Do not place it facing southwards.

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