What does it mean when you dream about your ex?


QuestionsWhat does it mean when you dream about your ex?
Hadeel Maraam asked 3 years ago
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Akhtar Bhai Spiritual Healer answered 2 years ago
What does it mean when you dream about your ex? One might experience a wonderful dream, feeling the success of their relationship, but realize it was a dream on waking up. The dream is experienced mainly by persons who have an ex, such that the ex is the one responsible for the dream. Therefore, a man or a woman can dream with their ex-lovers.

When one dreams with their ex, there is no need to panic as it doesn’t mean that one made a mistake or they want to be together again. Hence, there is no need to panic if one happens to dream with the ex.

It is important to note that dreaming with an ex reflects what one is after in a relationship. It is not on a specific person- as it can be romantic or professional.

Most people think that they are literatim while interpreting their dreams though this is not true. The fact is that dreams are much symbolic as some characters in the dreams represent something else in life.

What is meant when one dreams with an ex?

Dreaming with an ex has several meanings, especially if the ex has taken much headspace, thus the importance of resting when nature does not allow a reunion. Dreams are symbolic as one will have a dream based on a mixture of events, thoughts, and reflections stored in the mind throughout the day.

One can be dreaming about a long-gone ex which indicates that one is longing for the past, the happiness and good feelings that were experienced at that time. It is essential to point out the reasons why keep dreaming about an ex. Here are five reasons why people can dream with their ex.

1. It enables one to know the qualities they require in a relationship.

People dream about what that particular person represents but not the actual person. One dreams about this as they want to remember some joyful moments from the relationship. It is not because one wants to have the relationship back, but they want to have excitement feelings, or passion.

Dreaming about a reunion with the ex and being happy about it does not mean that one needs it in real-life situations. Rather the ex presents something else, especially an experience.

A dream of a relationship with an ex might be perfect when compared to the actual; life situation. It is important to be keen while interpreting the dream as it tells what one is willing to acquire in a real-life situation.

2. One might not be satisfied with the situation they are in, in real life situation

Sometimes a dream might end up being a nightmare, and one wakes up feeling as if there was a fight with the ex. It is essential to reflect on what is happening in the current life situation, especially if the dream reflects on an argument with the ex.

If the dream is based on different views, it is that one is very concerned about rejecting an opportunity, or maybe one is not happy with a behavior. The brain will have a catch to catch up at night when one is asleep. It is the time when the brain reflects on personal experiences in everything. If one is experiencing confrontation, the reflections are important while revealing essential perceptions.

The critical thing to consider is how the dream is interpreted either in a wiser or a usual way. The content in the dream will tell how one is copying or interpreting it in a deeper approach.

3. The dream can tell one there is something extra to learn from the relationship

The dream cannot show that the ex is interested in the relationship anymore. It shows that there is something one is still learning from the relationship one had with the ex. Therefore, one should avoid taking the dream as an advantage of refreshing the relationship.

One should take it as a chance that will help in reflecting the qualities intended to be brought in a future relationship and the best ways of achieving them. Hence the dream will reflect on the things one should have in a relationship.

4. The dream can be a coincidence but not a symbol

When one dreams about the ex from time to time, it is essential to consider how often they dream about other people such as friends and relatives. If one dreams much about the ex, it can be due to an attachment of more significance to the reappearance of the ex in the dream.

5. Missing a get to the ex

Despite the various reasons for dreaming of an ex, one can be willing to get back to and make friends with the ex. It occurs if one thinks of their ex randomly though unwilling to refresh the relationship. Thus, dreams can mean you want them back. It takes some time for one to reveal the hidden desires in the form of a dream, especially if it is a long time since having a date with the ex.

Hence the possibilities are worth being explored from the dream. It is essential to think of a dream carefully to come up with a reason, thus making the correct decision.


In conclusion, having a dream about an ex does not mean that one has some feelings for them. It can be a symbol of what one is going through. It can be either difficulty in one’s life or the feeling of making a mistake within the current relationship that could have been done in a gone relationship.

There are many reasons behind having a dream with an ex, which are overwhelming to interpret and absorb. Dreams about an ex are at times frustrating and confusing; thus, it is important to overcome them such that they don’t take one’s life. It is only done by understanding why they occur, as this will be very important when one is handling them.

Sometimes the dreams can be unsolved, and the problem remains; therefore, one can consult Akhtar Bhai.

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