What is Wazifa For Love Marriage?


QuestionsWhat is Wazifa For Love Marriage?
Rida Parveen asked 3 years ago
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Akhtar Bhai Spiritual Healer answered 2 years ago
Many people in this world search for their love and want to marry them. Some parents agree, but some do not accept because of society and religion. We all know that we live in a world where love is the most common and powerful emotion of anyone’s life. Be it any religion or culture, any country or society, this feeling has transcended all barriers and brought people together from different walks of life.

But, in most parts of the world, they are governed by customs and traditions. Although these rules were made to keep society together, love often doesn’t follow any rules and steps out on its own accord. Most lovers just cannot help their emotions overcome them. They need to be with each other no matter what obstacles come in between them.

In such a situation, the lovers usually follow ‘Aqaid-e-Jafria’ and go for love marriage. But there are many problems, hurdles, and obstacles that come along with this decision.

Wazifa for Love Marriage:- After Asar Namaz recite “Surah Inaam” daily. Parents are going to agree for love marriage. Also, if your lover is not agree then you can do wazifa for love.

At the same time after isha namaz read 11 times darood pak and then given wazifa 505 times and again 11 times darood park

اَلَّلهُمَّ یَا جَامِعُ النَّاسِ لِيَوْمٍ لَّا رَيْبَ فِيهِ إِنَّ اللّٰهَ لَا يُخْلِفُ الْمِيعَادَ۔ اِجمَع بَینِی وَبَینَ کَذَا

ALLAHUMMA ya jami’unnasi li-yawmil la raiba fi innallaha la yukhliful mi’aad. Ijma bayni wa bayna kaza.

Mentioned above wazifa is going to help you following.

Wazifa for Love Marriage– The parents of the people who want to get married are less likely to accept the love marriage decision since it goes against their religion, culture, and society. The bride’s family usually disowns her if she wants to marry someone from another religion, caste, or creed, even after her husband’s approval.

The one who is against this decision holds all the power because the lovers want to marry. They need some kind of solace and potion that they can use to appeal to their parents or society.

Wazifa for Love Marriage is the matchless way you can make your parents agree to this crucial decision of yours. It will eliminate all your problems and obstacles in one go. It will make the people around you properly understand your feelings and emotions.

But, you must use it with good intentions because this is a compelling solution that can work wonders if used positively. You cannot use it to deceive or cheat anyone because it might turn against you. You should be committed and devoted to what you wish to attain, and this Wazifa will help you get it only if you believe in yourself.

You should not use wazifa for love marriage with bad intentions because the consequences can be perilous for you. You may come across many fatal accidents, life-threatening diseases, and other issues which can be a constant pain in your life. It might also affect your daily routine and make you a subject of many different rumors, criticism.

Never use this wazifa with bad intentions because the consequences will stay with you forever. This is a powerful solution to change people’s perception of you, but it has to be used with sincerity and a pure heart.

If need take the help of a Kamil, maulvi, or an Islamic scholar before you start doing wazifa for love marriage because it is not easy to perform alone. You need some guidance and assistance, which can be provided by these learned people only.

You can make your parents agree to your love marriage by using this wazifa. They will listen to you and help you without any opposition. It will change their perception about the person and ensure that they give consent to your decision.

You should wait for some time before telling them about this decision because it may affect them directly. You should take their permission before you start doing the wazifa. This way, there will be no opposition, and they will agree without any delay.

You can also use this wazifa to strengthen your bond with your partner. Many married couples face opposition from their in-laws or other family members for being together. You can get rid of this opposition by doing this wazifa because it is solid and powerful enough to make your loved ones understand your feelings.

It will eliminate all misunderstandings between you and your loved ones. It will bring happiness to your life by ingratiating both the families together.

Wazifa For Love Marriage – You should use this wazifa only if you are genuinely desperate to marry the person you like because it is not easy to do. You need complete determination and commitment to your goal, which can be achieved only when you genuinely believe in it.

Do not use it to deceive or cheat someone because life is full of surprises, and you cannot predict what will happen. You might be trapped in your own wrongdoing, and this wazifa may become the reason for all your problems.

Witchcraft spells are widespread these days, but they should not be used by anyone. If you have done something wrong, you need to be honest about it, and only then the doors of forgiveness will open for you.

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