What Are Love Spell Victim Symptoms?


QuestionsWhat Are Love Spell Victim Symptoms?
Tasha asked 3 years ago
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Rakhi answered 3 years ago

Love Spell Victim Symptoms

The symptoms of love spell victims are as follows:

1. When a victim falls under this curse, they will notice that they feel empty and hollow inside.They will have no motivation to perform any tasks or jobs. This is because all motivation towards anything is being drained away by the caster of the curse.

2. They will experience no emotions towards anything and are constantly numb and are very distant from everyone around them. This is because the caster has stolen their ability to feel any emotion or be close to anyone.

3. When victims feel like something may be wrong with them, they quickly dismiss it because they do not feel any emotions.

4. When victims have noticed that something is wrong, they realize that all of their desires, wants, needs and cravings are disappearing. This is because the caster of the curse has drained all of them away from them.

5. The final primary symptom for love spell victims is that they constantly worry about if someone will break up with them.

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