What is wazifa?

QuestionsWhat is wazifa?
Noor FatimaNoor Fatima asked 2 months ago
2 Answers
Muhammad YunusMuhammad Yunus answered 2 months ago

Wazifa means to the conflict to attain your preference desires and in an Arabic manner to hire, both that means can not be implied right here as it is in opposition to the majesty of God. Human beings practice Wazifa to solve their trouble or obtain something that they want via Wazifa.
What is Wazifa in other words is. that you repeat some words again and again to solve any specif problem. These words should only obey God. And do not contain any Shirkia word. These words should be under the circle of Islam called Wazifa.
Some examples are:
Wazifa for Love
Wazifa for success
Wazifa for Good Luck

Ghazanfar answered 1 month ago

what is wazifa means to say words same time for certain period of time. These words should not have any kufr. This is what wazifa mean is.

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