What are the symptoms of Sihr of Separation?


QuestionsWhat are the symptoms of Sihr of Separation?
Jawahir Bitar asked 4 years ago
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Tuba Nuha Khoury answered 3 years ago
i am having hate feelings for my fiance and he is also start hate me. he don’t want to see me anymore. he said to me he is not intersted anymore for marrying with me. he fight everytime he call me. before we was happy and everything was fine but all of sudden this happen. are these symptoms of sihr of separation?
Akhtar Bhai
Spiritual Healer replied 3 years ago

it seems that these are symptoms of sihr of separation. Maybe someone did sihr for separation and you are a victim. I can confirm that you have sihr of separation or not. What you need to do is find a WhatsApp icon and click on it. Then write me a private message I need some names and age. Or you can contact my number: +923226690-723 WhatsApp same as the number.

Abu Ali answered 3 years ago
According to my personal experience.

  1. You shout and fight when there is no reason.
  2. The tension between a couple.
  3. Lack of focus in the relationship.
  4. You start losing weight after all this.

These are the main symptoms of sihr of separation. That absolutely matches with the black magic separation symptoms.

Rahimah Maymunah answered 3 years ago
We always fight with each other its been more than 2 years since we married. I feel like we are not going to make this marriage successful. We was absolutely good before. I have one child with him. I do not know what happen all of sudden he starts to fight with me all the time shouting. He starts to controlling me. I feels like someone did a sihr on me are these the sihr symptoms. 

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