What is a male witch called?


QuestionsWhat is a male witch called?
Julia Hoover asked 3 years ago
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Akhtar Bhai Spiritual Healer answered 3 years ago
A male witch is actually and usually referred to simply as a witch. Some still call themselves “wizards”, but the majority just call themselves witches. In fact, male witches have become more commonplace and documented since the occult’s revival in the 20th century.

Some background

In the history of witchcraft, there has always been a powerful male at the coven’s center and often as the founder. There has always been a strong male within witchcraft. Scores of men were arrested, condemned, and even executed for using magical texts and owning magical manuscripts. Witch-hunting was never exclusively reserved for women. In all of Europe, there were male witches, and in some, they outnumbered substantially the number of females. We in the western world are less aware that witch-hunting is still alive in other parts of the planet.

Who Knew So Many Names Have Been Given to Male Witches?

Following is just a small sampling of the names:
sorcerer, magic-user, alternative practitioner, enchanter, diviner, mystic, occultist, conjurer, magus, black magician, soothsayer, voodooist, spellcaster, spiritualist, spellbinder, alchemist, exorciser, spiritist, conjure man, druid, satanist, vampire, bewitcher, spirit-raiser
and the list goes on and on.

What about “wizard”?

Thought of as a more complimentary term that is not insulting, a wizard is pictured as old but learned and wise and full of knowledge. Their authority is never questioned.
Do NOT Call a Male Witch a Warlock
That is considered highly offensive and disrespectful. A warlock is a male witch, or sometimes a female, who has been locked out of the coven. The pagan group has turned their backs on the individuals because it is felt that the traditions and crafts were betrayed. Only the Scottish were more positive and applied the name warlock to a wise wizard or an occult practitioner.

SO -What is a male witch called?

You can see by the above that there is a LONG list of names given to male witches and that the gender is still surprisingly active when the term “witch” is explored.

Ronnie answered 3 years ago
Most men who participate in magic things, paganism and Wicca feel happy when they are referred to the familiar name of a witch though other people will call them Wizard or Warlock. From the cultural feminine word, witches are assumed to be women but through history, the numbers of witches have transcended gender.

In the united states, the witches are over 400, 000 people and many of them are men. To become a male witch, you need to scratch the witch inch where you identify the required initiation and community. These days people decide to be solitary Wiccan. If one needs to join without a coven, rules are giving the guidelines on how one can join the practice.

After understanding the rules then there are things you need to do; one is that you need to live the basic life of a witch. In this case, one will make potions, develop charms, use cauldrons, and chant over candles. Others will use herbs, waters that are cleaned by the full moonlight, crystals, and mirror scrying.

The second thing is Voodoo economics. This involves selling products that they believe will work better for them. The third thing for a male witch is knowing which witch is which. Some witches are pagans and others not so one needs to identify the real witch thus vast many of men who practice magic are identified as witches.

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