What does it mean when you dream about black magic?


QuestionsWhat does it mean when you dream about black magic?
Ismat asked 3 years ago
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Akhtar Bhai Spiritual Healer answered 3 years ago
When a person has a dream about black magic it can be interpreted in the following ways. When a person dreams where they are performing black magic is involved it is suggesting that they will be heading for some uncertain times. They will not have a clear path to follow and they are facing times when the future will not be secure.

If a person has a dream where there is black magic involved but they are not the ones that a performing the spell it can mean that there will be some unexpected changes in the family. It does not have clearly if these changes will be positive or negative but there is change coming. A person should be aware that something is going to happen. They may be able to take some steps to have a positive outcome. This may mean they need to make some changes in their life.

Some people believe that dreaming about black magic serves as a warning. The person or someone close to them as to become selfish. They will need to practice forgiveness to go back to a positive and happy life. This can also mean that someone has a negative influence over the person that is having the dream. Someone may be getting them to do things that they would not normally do. A person needs to take this as a warning so they can get control back over their life.

It seems that when a person is dreaming of black magic it is warning them that something is going to happen in their life and that they have made a wrong turn to someone. A person needs to look at their life and take some positive actions to keep the uncertainty and any negative consequences from impacting them or the people that they care about.

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