What are the Symptoms of black magic in marriage?


QuestionsWhat are the Symptoms of black magic in marriage?
Binita asked 3 years ago
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Akhtar Bhai Spiritual Healer answered 3 years ago
Black magic can also be referred to as witchcraft or dark magic. It involves performing cruel practices to destroy someone financially, physically, or mentally by using supernatural power for either selfish or evil purposes (breaking people up, revenge, fame, destroying your business, ending your relationship, etc.)

The world of black magic, especially in marriage, is intriguing. It has created all kinds of problems that can even kill. Always keep in mind that black magic is a serious thing. It can have your life fall apart before your eyes with no idea of what is happening.

Here is a list of the symptoms of black magic in marriage;

  1. Infertility

Black magic is a real enemy that interferes with all aspects of our lives, and especially marriage. It creates many problems, including health issues such as infertility.

Infertility, being among the symptoms of black magic in marriage, cannot be treated by doctors. Most of the doctors do not have an idea of whether you are under a black magic attack. The doctors will tend to spend much in treating the physical symptoms of its sickness, all in vain.

2. Marriage Disruptions

Black magic can make you highly emotional for no reason. Most common kinds of black magic are done to break up marriages. Marriage can even become confusing to your partner.

Black magic makes you feel lonely, thus pushing your loved one away for no reason. It can even make you lose even anyone that mattered to you. It creates a negative attitude toward them. This strange behavior grows to a level that makes marriage not work, creating hate. You even start despising them. It makes one lose hope, meaning, and faith with others, thus leading to despair. At long last, your marriage partner grows tired of you, causing them to walk away as they do not know what specifically happened to you.

3. Extreme Anger and Depressions

Black magic is strong energy. It has a powerful motive force behind it. That’s why you can be affected by black magic at any time someone wants. However, separation spells can certainly affect your mind, especially what one does or says and their emotions. It leads to despair, anger, and frustrations in your marriage.

It would be best if you do some protection spells to protect from these negative energies. Moreover, the negative energy does not serve well as it can exert influence over others.

4. Frightful Dreams and Nightmares

Though no one knows what causes nightmares, black magic may be one of the causes. You may not recall every detail, but you may recall some of the images, scary parts, and situations.

Nightmares may also happen when you have stress or even when dealing with a change. Rare cases are reactions to trauma such as accidents, natural disasters, or injury.


Black magic is something that is not new. It has been practiced since time immemorial. Therefore, it is crucial to be alert and careful as you could be surrounded by a few people wishing you well.

Aylam answered 1 year ago
Assalamualikum i m married 4 months ago and we were very happy but all of sudden my feelings for my husband changed we fought for some petty issues is this black magic???
Akhtar Bhai
Spiritual Healer replied 1 year ago

Walikumsalam, yes fighting with your husband could signify black magic. But I can not be sure unless I check whether it is the reason for black magic. So you can contact me on my WhatsApp number +923226690723.

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