How to cast a love spell without candles?


QuestionsHow to cast a love spell without candles?
Janice asked 3 years ago
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Akhtar Bhai Spiritual Healer answered 3 years ago
How to Cast a Love Spell without Candles spell-casting is an art in itself. It involves identifying, elevating, and directing energy to manifest our intentions. It’s spiritual science realizing that a love spell is an ideal tool for attracting positivity into your life. While some may think that love spells are an evil force that compels a particular person to harbor romantic feelings for another, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

A love spell is not about seizing a person’s will and bending it to your own. It’s not trickery. Love spells are more about asking the universe to work in your favor and bring to you what (someone) you desire. Someone that you’ll be pleased to receive and who’ll be genuinely happy to be with you too. It’s all about asking for what you want but in a distinct way.

There are different types of love spells, from very complicated to straightforward. Love spells are not a one-size-fits-all affair since each spell speaks to a specific situation. If you don’t know how to cast a spell by yourself, you can hire an experienced professional spell caster to perform the ritual for you.

Which Situations Can Benefit from a Love Spell?

Love spells can work for various relationship situations if cast correctly including,

  • Reconciling with your ex (former lover)
  • Attracting new love
  • Getting over a past love
  • Making someone desire you
  • Advancing your relationship to the next level, say marriage?
  • Strengthening existing love

When Should I Cast a Love Spell for Best Results?

While there’s no specific time set aside for spell casting, there’re times that can be more effective than others. Try casting your love spell on a Friday since it is associated with Venus (love goddess). For new love, try performing your love spell during the crescent moon because the lunar energy attracts growth, freshness, and abundance. The full moon is a perfect time for casting spells for advancing your love relationship.

How to Cast a Love Spell without Candles?

There’re thousands of love spells out there that include candles as an ingredient for the ritual. However, you can also cast a love spell without candles and still experience the same level of success. So, how do you cast a love spell without candles?

2 Easy but Powerful Love Spells without Candles


Fresh Lemon Love Spell to Bring Back a Lover

You’ll need a lemon, a pink piece of paper, red ribbon/yarn
Casting a Fresh Lemon Love Spell:

  • Write the name of your ex-lover adjacent to yours on the pink piece of paper
  • Slice the lemon into two halves.
  • Fold the pink paper in a way that both of your names are touching.
  • Sandwich the piece of paper between the two lemon halves.
  • Wrap the lemon with red yarn or ribbon to keep the two lemon pieces together.
  • Think about your ex-lover throughout the process, visualizing the two of you together happily.
  • Burry the wrapped lemon under a tree and wait for a few weeks for your intentions to become a reality.


Rose Love Spells to Attract New Love

You’ll need rose petals and some moving water such as a river, ocean, bathtub, sink, etc.

  • Visualize a person with all the qualities that you desire in a lover.
  • Throw the rose petals in the moving water and chant aloud, saying:
  • As this rose moves out to seas, true love will come to me, so mote it be.

  • Repeat the maxim severally as you visualize your perfect lover. Take your time at this step as you watch the petals flow away.

Are your intentions noble and genuine? Since you are trying to alter the unfolding of events as planned in the universe, make sure the love spell is for the greater good. Always remember the threefold rule –everything you discharge into the universe – good or bad – will return to you three times more.

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