Is wazifa for love marriage haram?


QuestionsIs wazifa for love marriage haram?
Zara Sha asked 4 years ago
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Molana Shaheen answered 4 years ago
Firstly let me describe about wazifa that what is wazifa? Wazifa is a kind of pray or dua that means you are asking help from Allah. It is gonna haram if you are not praying to Allah and asking help from others rather than Allah. Once we said wazifa that is specifically means that we are praying Allah for need of help for some kind of specific problem.

Secondly, question is wazifa for love marriage is haram. so I can say no because marriage (Nikha) is a halal deed and doing wazifa for halal thing is halal. I can say wazifa is better than magaic. wazifa may take time to show some results not instant as magic but still better for peace of mind that you are doing something under the circle of islam.

Furthermore, if your intentions are wrong and do not want to do Nikha. Then it is haram to having relationship with non Mahrem.

Urooj answered 3 years ago
But in some wazifa they said fluff on person picture whom u want to marry so is it right
Akhtar Bhai
Spiritual Healer replied 3 years ago

First, you need to understand the difference between Wazifa and a mantra. If you are doing Wazifa and someone asks you to fluff on a picture then I do not think this is the right way of doing Wazifa. Secondly, if you are chanting a mantra and then you fluff on a picture then no problem you can do it that way.

Batool Samar Maalouf answered 3 years ago
thank you akhtar bhai for clarification I also had the same issue about fluff there are a lot of confusions because of online has bundle of stuff. We even do not know that which one is correct or which one is going to work for us or not or even sometimes they have not mentioned any details about wazifa just write wazifa and that is it. I found this platform useful for me. You are really helping people with there problems. Akhtar bhai you are the best keep it up.

Atiq answered 3 years ago
What wazifa is that you are reciting some Ayat from Quran every day. Make a relationship without Nikah is haram by itself. But instead of make a haram relationship you want to get your loved one in halal relationship with Nikah. And you do wazifa for love marriage is halal. I don’t see any reason to saying that doing wazifa for love marriage is haram.

Arfa Sultana answered 2 years ago
According to Islam doing wazifa is Halal since you are reciting ayah from Quran or Allah’s name then it is halal. Sometimes people chant a mantra that would be haram because of shirkia words. Otherwise, there is no reason to say that wazifa is haram. Also, according to Islam marriage is a good deed, and doing wazifa for love marriage is halal. Allah loves us and teaches us, love. May Allah save us from all haram deeds. Amen

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