What are symptoms of kala jadu?

QuestionsWhat are symptoms of kala jadu?
Huma kulthum asked 4 weeks ago

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Akhtar BhaiAkhtar Bhai Spell Caster answered 4 weeks ago
Kala Jadu appears with different symptoms given below.

  • Bad smell with cocking
  • Constantly having nightmares
  • Without reason want to cry
  • Feeling depressed and suicidal
  • Amnesia
  • Hair fall is the most common reason for black magic
  • The face starts becoming ugly
  • Heartburn¬†
  • Nose irritation constantly
  • Body weakness
  • Fighting with the family with no reasons or miner reasons
  • Hate feelings for own
  • Hindrance

Some of them may because of medical reasons. After treatment, if you are still the same that means these are the symptoms of Kala Jadu. Then you must contact your spiritual healer right away. These are the just most common symptoms of Jadu. There may other symptoms for Kala Jadu too. You can click here for detailed symptoms for Kala Jadu for a specific purpose. If you are still confused you can contact Akhtar Bhai:- +923226-9072-3 WhatsApp.

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